A Human and Sensory Experience

ENJOY the unique gourmet experience in Quebec that stimulates your senses and ignites your imagination. Dive into the darkness and let yourself be guided by our blind waiters.


We believe that this name is perfect for the only restaurant in the dark in Québec City, and here’s why:

The sixth sense might make it possible to perceive intangible elements of the world, and thus belongs more to the “spiritual” world than the anatomical one. Generally, it is linked to premonitions, or the ability to anticipate events. It is also said that the sixth sense might allow one to perceive certain things without actually seeing them.

Obviously, this is yet to be proven. However, some blind people use echolocation to locate obstacles. The use of hearing by blind people is perceived as a sixth sense. Several studies confirmed that the echo of the sounds emitted by blind people helps them to determine the distance of certain obstacles. This system is also known to be used by bats and dolphins.

At Ô 6e Sens, simply let yourself be guided by your intuition. Will you discover your own sixth sense?

Open TUESDAY to SATURDAY from 5 pm

At Ô 6e Sens, we give a percentage of our profits to organizations that support people who are blind or visually impaired such as the Mira and CAECITAS Foundations.

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