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The 6th sense would allow us to perceive intangible elements of the world, and would be more in the "spiritual" domain than in the anatomical domain. Generally, it is premonition, the ability to anticipate events. It is also said that the 6th sense allows us to perceive certain things without seeing them. This is a definition that suits the restaurant in the dark in Quebec City!

Obviously, this is a myth. Some blind people use echolocation to locate obstacles. The use of hearing by the blind is seen as a 6th sense. Several studies confirm that it is the echo of the sounds they emit that allows blind people to determine the distance of certain obstacles. This system is known to be used by bats and dolphins.

Ô 6e Sens, simply let your intuition guide you.
It is said that dark dining has been around since the late 19th century, although it is quite difficult to verify. Starting in the 1990s, researchers such as Andreas Heineke in Germany and Michel Reilhac in France tried to take the concept a step further by organizing (especially in the last decade) a wide range of events in the dark. In Europe, dinners and evenings in the dark were organized as well as exhibitions and tactile and audio performances, all in total darkness!

Since 1999, this type of experience has gained popularity thanks to the Paul Guinot Foundation, the second largest foundation for the blind in France. This foundation has implemented a dinner-in-the-dark program called "Taste of the Dark". Positive feedback from customers and the media has led to the opening of several other dark restaurants in major cities around the world.

In Quebec City, the concept was born from the meeting of two foundations: Mira and Caecitas. Mira promotes the autonomy of blind people through the use of guide dogs and Caecitas supports projects that create jobs for this very disadvantaged clientele. In short, one takes the blind person out and the other gives them a job!

It was Jean-François Lessard who promoted the project to the two foundations and brought together two partners, Patrick Vézina and Gaétan Paquet (Lunetterie du Faubourg), in order to create a concept adapted to the Quebec City region.

Other partners also made this project possible:,,, the Institut en réadaptation et déficience physique de Québec (,, the École hôtelière de la Capitale (, and our architect Louise Amiot.
Ô 6e sens distinguishes itself from other restaurants in the dark by its willingness to adapt 100% of the work place for blind waiters. It is also different because of a lighted space imagined by Louise Amiot, architect, in order to destabilize the sense of sight. This friendly space serves as a reception area and if you feel uncomfortable in the dark, you can continue your meal there. You will also be able to appreciate the work of our blind bartender, for the aperitif or the digestif...

Discover the sofa area where you can relax while watching the guide dogs in their lounge.

Ô 6E SENS donates a percentage of its profits to organizations that support blind and visually impaired people such as the MIRA and CAECITAS Foundations.
Yes, it is! In fact, one part of the restaurant is lit, but the other is in absolute darkness! We are not used to completely dark environments, as it is difficult to find this degree of darkness in everyday life; street lights or the moon always lend us their rays.

However, in the dark room Ô 6e Sens, there is no light!

To keep the environment dark, we will ask you to turn off any potential sources of light, such as a watch, cell phone or camera, and place them in your pockets, purse or safely in a locker provided.
When we are deprived of our main sense, sight, we tend to rely more on our other senses, namely hearing, touching and smelling. These are the senses that will help you once you are in the dark.

While your first few moments in the dark may be intimidating, the experience will become more and more enjoyable as you relax.

Our blind waiters are well trained to guide you and ensure your well-being.
Blind people are very good in the dark and are the best people to do this kind of work in this specific context. Ô 6e Sens is entirely adapted for them and everything is planned to favor their autonomy to the maximum.

Since you will be without your sense of sight for at least an hour and a half, you will have to trust your server completely. This experience is a gesture of trust that fosters awareness of visual impairment and other disabilities in general.
You are not allowed to move around the room alone, as your movements could put servers and other visitors at risk. So, when you want to go to the bathroom or leave the restaurant, just let your waiter know and he will guide you according to your needs.
You need your server, just SHOUT its name. But, REMEMBER, in order to get the most out of your experience, we are preserving the mystery around the menu. This is one of the challenges of Ô 6E SENS, to discover what you eat! The only choice is your consumption.

When you leave, you will be invited to meet our Chef in the kitchen to reveal the precise content of your plate! Funny and fun, isn't it?
Just call it by its name. You will be introduced to your server before entering the dark room.
Not particularly, but those who do come enjoy the experience, as it is a unique way to share their world with family and friends.
The chefs are not blind and the kitchen is lit so that the chef, Maxime Deschamps, and his team can use all their senses to create exceptional dishes.
That would be pretty fun, but no, the bathrooms are lit! These are located in the restaurant.
It is really rare that a person is uncomfortable eating in the dark. The experience is so incredible that most people (literally) relish this exciting and unusual moment that allows them to explore their senses.

But for some fear or phobia, we will offer you to continue your meal in the lit part. This is our plan B! You will have the privilege of seeing the blind servers in action!
Everything has been carefully considered! The dark room is supervised by the butler equipped with night vision goggles. If someone were to feel unwell, discreet lights, integrated into the benches, would light up as a marker to facilitate an emergency exit, without cutting off the enjoyment of the other guests. Your blind waiter has been trained to reassure you and do everything possible to enrich your experience. At all times, he remains close to you in order to intervene quickly if you call him.

Of course, the restaurant respects the municipal regulations as well as those of the MAPAQ. An emergency evacuation plan has also been developed.
Our cuisine, of classic style, is inspired as much as possible by seasonal products and Quebec's terroir. The menu has been elaborated in order to put the taste of the products in the foreground, worked at their simplest expression. We hope that our discovery menu will allow visitors to experience a new way of exploring flavors.

In order to make the most of your experience, we advise you to let go and indulge in one of the copious 3-course menus prepared by our chef Maxime Deschamps and his team.

Taste the flavors of the land and sea with your guests. When you leave, we'll tell you exactly what's on your plate!

Funny and fun, isn't it?
We pay particular attention to this. When you make your reservation, the staff will ask you if you have any intolerances, if you have any allergies and if there are any vegetarians. If necessary, the chef will adapt the menu accordingly.
Visitors spend an average of 1 ½ to 2 hours in the dark room.
10 waiters work there full time. There are also sighted staff to ensure that our guests have a great experience.
We preserve the mystery! It's up to you to find out. This will make your experience even more disorienting.
Some customers admit to licking the bottom of their plate! And they are right to do so! Other people, who met on the Internet, decided to have a first surprise meeting in the dark before getting to know each other better while sitting at the bar on the lighted side.

In total darkness, we are all equal. Whether you are a politician, engineer, secretary, lawyer or doctor, in the dark we all look the same. Thus, the labels disappear along with the light.
Of course you can! Children seven years and older are welcome.

For the youngest, it is enough that they are able to remain seated for 1h30 to 2h00. However, the experience could be frightening for a young child.

Remember that the attitude of the parent counts for a lot.
Yes, we advise customers to make reservations, as the restaurant is often full one to two weeks in advance on weekends.

But the best of the black, happens during the week. It is a more intimate and zen service. It is often easier to access them at your convenience.

You can reach us by calling 418-704-7367, by email or book directly online here.

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